I had a perfect date night planned with my girlfriend last month, but there was one little problem that almost ruined the entire night. The heater in my home stopped working, and it was freezing cold in every room, so I needed HVAC repair in NYC. For someone with a fireplace, this wouldn’t be much of a problem, because they could just light it and have a romantic evening with the fire roaring in the background. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a fireplace, because the home I purchase didn’t have one or a chimney. I could have gotten a gas fireplace installed, but I chose not to get one because I figured I didn’t need it.

Time was of the esesnce, because I didn’t want to cancel or rescheudle my date. I needed to have the repairs done to my HVAC system as soon as possible. A friend of mine told me about a company that he hired in the past to do some repair work on his heater some time ago, and I decdied to give them a call. They were able to come to my home and see what was wrong with the heater. I was hoping that they wouldn’t give me some kind of bad news that would leave me without a heater for the date.

The repair worker from the company told me that he would be able to fix my heater with some parts that he had inside of his vehicle, which was a relief. The repair job took less than an hour to accomplish, and the heater was as good as new. I was able to focus on preparing for my date once again. On the night of the date, my girlfriend showed up at my house in a red dress and looked amazing. She was hotter than the heater.